HELLO AFRICA STUDIO was founded by Sunday Ali from Nigeria, West Africa. His passion for cultural education and showcasing African music, dance, arts and culture motivated his vision to open the studio based in Newstead, Brisbane.

HELLO AFRICA BAND is also a collective of AFRICAN DRUM AND DANCE performers who’s energy is highly infectious! They will give you an unforgettable journey into African culture with their interactive and energetic “Hello Africa” show through children’s shows, workshops, performances and much more. 

HELLO AFRICA is a lively introduction to the culture and lifestyle of African people.

The members of Hello Africa demonstrate the difference between African and Australian culture and day to day life through:

  • Energetic tribal music and dance

  • Stories from their own lives in Africa

  • Traditional costumes

  • African art & Craft activities

Hello Africa, is an energetic and powerful show that undoubtedly will leave everyone feeling happy and inspired no matter what age and culture.